Nagarajav :  The deity of Nagarajav is placed adjacent to the sreekovil (sanctum sanctorum) of Lord Ayyappa. Pilgrims after the Darsan of Lord Ayyappa and Kannimoola Ganapathi, make their darsan and give offerings to Nagarajav.

Vavarunada : Vavar (pronounced Vaa-var), also known as Vavaruswami was a Muslim saint who became a devotee of Lord Ayyappa. There is a shrine dedicated to Vavaruswami at Sabarimala, as well as Vavaruswami’s mosque at Erumeli next to Erumeli Sastha temple. The devotion of Vavaruswami to Ayyappan and the significance that the mosque at Erumeli has during the Sabarimala pilgrim season highlights the communal harmony in Kerala. The devotion of Vavaruswami also highlights the relevance of Ayyappa devotion for members of all faiths, and the equality shown to all; whether they are Muslims, Hindus or Christians.

Malikapurathamma : Malikapurathamma is the most important upadevatha in Sabarimala. There are two beliefs on Malikapurathamma, that it is the demon that fought with Sri Ayyappan as Mahishi. Once the demon was defeated, a beautiful lady emerged from the body and wished to remain with Sri Ayyappa. Another belief is that the daughter of Sri Ayyappa’s guru became a Sanyasini and desired to remain with Sri Ayyappa. As per Tantric view, pilgrims have to worship Malikappuram as ‘Adiparasakthi’.
Main offerings to Malikappurathamma are turmeric powder, (manjal podi), saffron powder, (kumkumam podi), jhagri (sharkara), honey (then), plantain (kadali pazham), and red silk.

Karuppu Swami & Karuppai Amma: The temple of Karuppu Swami is located on the right side of the Pathinettam Padi or the eighteen holy steps. The temple of Karuppu Swami also includes the murti of Karuppai Amma. They both were people from forest who helped Lord Ayyappa in his divine mission and are believed to have divine power.

Valiya Kadutha Swami : The small shrine of Valiya Kadutha is located on the left side of holy steps. Valiya Kadutha is also an attendant of Lord Ayyappa.

Mel Ganapathi: Mel Ganapathi prathishta is adjacent to the sreekovil (sanctum sanctorum) of the Sannidhanam. Devotees offer part of the broken ghee coconut (ney thenga) to Sri Ganapathi in the fireplace (azhi). Ganapathi homam is the main offering